May 15, 2007

Buy phentermine.

by Scott Rettberg · , 5:49 pm

We are four. We can now speak. And yet we still have no idea what phentermine actually is, or what it does. Sure, we can Google it, but we stop ourselves, and we do not research, and we do not buy it. I feel guilty because, I’ll be the phirst to admit, phentermine is my greatest phan. Phentermine has left comments on posts I wrote several years ago that even I have never read. Phentermine is thine. Phentermine has mine in it. I feel that I somehow own it, and yes, I miss you too, phentermine. And yet. At the same time I feel a certain distance from you phentermine. I have heard though I am not sure that it is true that you cause syphilis in monkeys and that you are related to anorexia in children. I don’t believe it about the monkeys but I believe it about the kids. I know that just by naming you you will clog up my filters, but please say something phentermine. Please explain. Or let’s just break it off here. Let’s start phresh. I’ll be honest, your name creeps me out, it makes me think of graveyards and comic book heroes and long lost loves and valentines I never sent. I don’t know what I can’t do without you so I will go on, phentermine.