May 21, 2007

Po-Ex — Portuguese EPoetry

by Scott Rettberg · , 8:55 am

After a late night of epoetry readings in a smokefilled theater in Montmartre (more on that later) and the excess you’d expect, after getting lost in St. Denis (I think I wandered into one of the neighborhoods where they set cars on fire during the riots), I finally found my way to Auditorium X and have witnessed a few panels here at Paris 8. Just a quick note: Pedro Reis (of Fernando Pessoa University) gave a presentation on an upcoming publication, a collection of epoetry in Portuguese which will be published both online and on CD-ROM, the Po-Ex project.

2 Responses to “Po-Ex — Portuguese EPoetry”

  1. nick Says:

    I envy you for being in Paris, Scott. Also, “where they set cars on fire during the riots“? I understand they set about 100 cars aflame per day over there when there are no riots.

  2. scott Says:

    My car got set on fire in Chicago once, and there were no riots, just kids with fire and nothing else to do. There was no investigation. Just an insulting ticket for leaving an “abandoned vehicle” on the street thrown over the fence. I utilized swear words at policemen who, it appeared, would have been willing to assault me, were it not for the color of my skin and my threat to call the newspapers. It’s an urban thing, this kind of incidental violence to vehicles and people. Then I walked for several months, and to be honest, I only missed the car a few times.

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