July 19, 2007

The Mental Space of Game Genres

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 12:09 am
Mental space of games

J.P. Lewis, Morgan McGuire, and Pamela Fox are asking for as many game fans as possible to take a 10-minute survey with the goal of producing data that can help improve game design. You can read about results so far or, for those who want it straight from the source, see their upcoming presentation at the 2007 ACM Sandbox Symposium (co-located with SIGGRAPH in San Diego next month).

Word on the street has it that some of the more controversial ideas are Morgan’s. Full disclosure: Morgan and I were at Brown at the same time — and the project I’ll be showing at SIGGRAPH actually depends on his G3D.

2 Responses to “The Mental Space of Game Genres”

  1. Gilbert Bernstein Says:

    What’ll you be showing there? Maybe I can drop by.

  2. noah Says:

    I’ll be part of the art program up at Calit2 on the UCSD campus, showing a new version of my VR literary game Screen. As I understand it, there will be shuttle busses running between the convention center and Calit2.

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