August 2, 2007

Lists, If You Like

by Andrew Stern · , 5:12 pm

Lists are sometimes interesting and informative; sometimes exclusive and off-putting (often the case with ranked lists), and sometimes seemingly arbitrary — and sometimes all three simultaneously! Of course, they’re always debatable: for example, witness the ongoing good debate over a canonical list of games.

The blog Indygamer, similar to Jay is Games or GameTunnel, compiles a large collection of reviews of indie games; here’s the variety of games discussed there last month alone. Yesterday one of the Indygamer editors posted a list of his favorite 27 art games. Taken as one guy’s opinion, it’s an interesting list, with some cool stuff I’ve not heard of that I’d like to play.

Another collection, probably with less for GTxA readers to discover (an exception blogged in my next post), is the showcase of indie games at E3 last month, claiming to “represent the indie scene”. The show was curated by IndieCade, which intends to hold a festival in 2008, that will probably effectively take the place of Slamdance as a high-profile annual indie game festival alternative to the Game Developer Conference’s IGF. (Note Slamdance’s Sam Roberts is now an IndieCader, their Festival Director.)

The list goes on… GameTunnel’s top 100 indie games they’ve reviewed since 2004 (Fa├žade squeaks in at #99! :-D ) , Edge Magazine’s top 100 best games of all time, Next Generation’s top 100 for the 21st century…

One Response to “Lists, If You Like”

  1. andrew Says:

    another recent one I missed: the Independent Gaming Source’s top 50 “really good” indie games.

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