August 15, 2007

were in ur museum

by Nick Montfort · , 1:56 pm

You don’t realize it, but while you’ve been innocently building Tesla coils and general infantry, Grand Text Auto has been in ur museum installing ur art.

Beall under a GTxA sky

Starting October 4, 2007, the Beall Center for Art + Technology at the University of California, Irvine will be multiplied by 256 and divided by zero. And besides that, the Beall Center will host the exhibition Grand Text Auto, featuring work by the six of us: Noah Wardrip-Fruin / Mary Flanagan / Michael Mateas / Andrew Stern / Nick Montfort / Scott Rettberg.

There have a been a few blog-to-book transfers, but this exhibit and the associated events are, as far as we know, the first time blog has had such a manifestation in the physical space of an art gallery.

Noah’s Screen, developed in collaboration with Josh Carroll, Robert Coover, Shawn Greenlee, Andrew McClain, and Ben (“Sascha”) Shine will be there for you to experience in 3D splendor. Mary’s [giantJoystick], a ten-foot-tall Atari joystick, will make its United States debut and provide massive multi-player fun.

Michael and Andrew will not only be showing their Façade – they will be providing us with an AR (augmented reality) version of this interactive drama. The exhibit will also include some Petz and Babyz (Andrew et al.), photos and stickers from Implementation (Scott & myself), some interactive fictions (me again), and the famously funny collaborative hypertext The Unknown (Scott et al.).

The exhibit will be the first time that a 3D version of Screen and the AR version of Façade have been seen outside research labs.

It’s planned that the performance on October 5 will include a screening of Terminal Time (by Steffi Domike, Michael, and Paul Vanouse) along with a reunion reading of The Unknown, which will include Scott and his co-authors William Gillespie and Dirk Stratton.

We’ll be providing more information as the show is assembled, but we hope those of you who can make it will mark your calendars now. The show runs from the October 4 opening reception until December 15, with a symposium on the afternoon of October 5 and the performances that evening. Hope you see you in Irvine!

16 Responses to “were in ur museum”

  1. Chris Lewis Says:


    Curse you California and your delicious museumey-wares!

    *muttermuttermutter*stupid New Zealand*muttermutter*

  2. Gilbert Bernstein Says:

    Congratulations. Good luck with the whole shebang.

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    […] include Scott and his co-authors William Gillespie and Dirk Stratton. [blogged by Nick on Grand Text Auto] Aug 16, 10:48 […]

  4. dglen Says:

    I’d be interested in hearing if “The Ed Report” is included, and how it gets set up. I’d love to, but probably won’t get out there to see it.

  5. Kotaku Says:

    The Grand Text Auto People Get Their Own Exhibit

    The University of California – Irvine’s Beall Center for Art + Technology will be hosting an installation called (astonishingly enough) Grand Text Auto, featuring work by the gang of six that make up the Grand Text Auto blog: Noah…

  6. Tablesaw Says:

    Amazingly enough, I spontaneously decided to spend some time reading The Unknown at work today, which made me sad that I’d never seen it live. And then, this morning, this announcement popped up on the RSS feed. Hooray for GTA!

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  8. scott Says:

    Tablesaw, Hooray for you! The Unknown thrives on people who read it at work.

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  12. [anonymous] Says:

    Hello Grand Textual Automakers

    Sorry, you are not the first to exhibit a blog in gallery space (but nice of you to join us).

    There are many examples including:

    Abe and Mo Sing the Blues
    Postmasters (New York)

    24 Hour Count
    (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art)

    Mobile Phone Video Art Classics
    E:vent Gallery (London)

    artMovingProjects gallery (Brooklyn)


  13. noah Says:

    [anonymous], I don’t think anyone is saying the Beall show is the first time a blog has been exhibited in a gallery. That’s been going on a long time, as you note, along with the showing of many other kinds of websites in galleries.

    Rather (and we’re open to being corrected) we think this is the first time that a blog has been invited to manifest itself as a gallery show — rather than, say, manifesting as a book, a panel discussion, or in some other form. Do you know of another case in which a blog has become a gallery show, rather than a blog being exhibited in a gallery?

  14. Aron Namenwirth Says:

    You should check out Tom Moody’s “Blog” at artMovingProjects see reviews

  15. nick Says:

    That is indeed a very interesting concept. We have access to Grand Text Auto the blog in the Beall and comments on this post are being printed out on a large plotter and put up. But we aren’t situating the blog as an artwork, we’re just trying to connect gallery visitors to it and vice versa. It’s serving as the guest book.

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