August 29, 2007

Gimme Gamecock

by Andrew Stern · , 8:49 pm

This kind of stuff is my music to my ears.

Also read about Gamecock Media in the NYTimes from last February, when they first launched, and this article in Variety last month.

May mega-angels and their minions save the game industry…

3 Responses to “Gimme Gamecock”

  1. Ian Bogost Says:

    Hmm, yeah, I mean, it sounds great. But did you look at the games on the Gamecock site? That’s the Miramax of games portfolio? They look fine and whatnot, but rather more of the same?

  2. andrew Says:

    I did look; yeah, more of the same, true, they’re not quite a Miramax yet.

    My guess is, they’re playing it pretty safe for now, going with proven genres to get established. As the interview describes, they have a good track record financially from when they were Gathering of Developers, with several hits, even if (and probably because) the games were in standard genres.

    The hope would be, they, and groups like them, take more risks over time. Managed risks, with a good shot of being successful, of course. They appear to have the freedom to.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Great interview.

    Of course, they could take half a million, which I’m guessing is a fraction of some of the individual game budgets they’re fielding, and fund twenty web-based games that do innovative things with phatasmic procedural rhetoric and are designed for item-sale and skill-game business models (or maybe integrated advertising). I think they’ll come around eventually.

    EA did 2.5% profit margin last year, FYI

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