September 5, 2007

Save the Robot

by Andrew Stern · , 2:44 am

Chris Dahlen is a profilic writer of many great reads on games, music, tech and beyond, for such outlets as The Onion A.V. Club, Pitchfork, Paste, The Escapist… at one point The Boston Phoenix (for which he reviewed Fa├žade)… He has interviewed all kinds of folks including Paul McCartney, Daryl Hall, David Sylvian, Chris Ware, Ron Moore, Richard Garriott, the Penny Arcade guys… He’s also a software project manager and Java developer. If you like Clive Thompson, you’ll like Chris too.

And since March, Chris has an excellent blog, Save the Robot. Tons of stuff there, lots of insight into today’s popular games, including an in-depth discussion of the recently released Bioshock. Particularly relevant to GTxA readers are his posts on interactive characters you can flirt with, including a link to a 2006 Escapist article he wrote about the subject that I had missed. He also has a nice post on games as art.

Via Save the Robot (now added to the blogroll) I also found this, this, this and the very interesting link on my next post…

One Response to “Save the Robot”

  1. Chris Dahlen Says:

    Andrew, thanks for the plug and the kind words!

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