September 11, 2007

Shadow Monsters and Revealing Light

by Andrew Stern · , 1:48 pm

I’m not sure how we missed this at GDC last March… a brilliant interactive installation by Philip Worthington called Shadow Monsters. Taking a page from the works of Camille Utterback, Zack Simpson and the 2003 Indie Game Jam, Worthington’s Shadow Monsters has players collaborating with the system to create real-time animated, vocalizing monsters. Wow! Watch the video at Kotaku.

And if you’re into playing with shadows and light at home, Adam Frank has a new product for you, Reveal. (Adam made the installation Shadow with Zack Simpson, as well as Petz and Babyz with me.) Makes a great gift!

3 Responses to “Shadow Monsters and Revealing Light”

  1. Malcolm Ryan Says:

    It strikes me that there is something profoundly sad about _Reveal_.

  2. andrew Says:

    Adam lives in a nice sliver of an apartment in NYC — with one window. He knows why the caged bird sings. Reveal should appeal to folks in his predicament; I wonder if made it for himself and his friends in the city.

    Sad? Perhaps. Intriguing as well. In fact, I think of Reveal as a form of fiction. Is it really much sadder than virtual fantasy worlds, or virtual pets? Some virtual pet owners have them because they can’t have real pets (see appendix here).

  3. andrew Says:

    Adam got some NYTimes coverage last week for Reveal.

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