September 20, 2007

DAC 2007 Dance Party Explosion

by Scott Rettberg · , 3:40 am

I’m sure that many of you are interested in the DAC 2007 Perth conference goings-on. There were a lot of good presentations of papers, good people, and some weird bio-art. I’m sure Mary will post some intelligent thoughts here about the content of the conference, and I may as well, at some future date or if I get bored on the plane. In the meantime, here is some low quality footage of the dance party with which we ended the last night of the conference. Fox Harrell is an excellent dancer, and Mary Flanagan does some amazing hyperkinetic lawnmower-and-grocery-shopping-moves. Lisbeth Klastrup was clearly the most agile of the Scandinavians, though Jaakko was nearly as fluid and he won the prize for the coolest T-Shirt — the “conference moderator” shirt with the built-in-clock. I was shuffling at about an equivalent level to Raine Koskimaa, average Finnish dancer.

2 Responses to “DAC 2007 Dance Party Explosion”

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