September 23, 2007

Join the fun at UC Santa Cruz

by Michael Mateas · , 10:11 pm

So, I’ve been pretty remiss about blogging lately, with all the usual excuses (moving, new job, adjusting to parenthood, buying a house, going up for tenure – I like to engage in every life stressor at the same time). But I’m getting my feet back under me, and one of my new year’s resolutions (new academic year, that is) is to get back on the blogging scene.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce that we’re looking for, not one, but two, new faculty to join the game design program in computer science at UC Santa Cruz . We’re looking for applicants with demonstrated research excellence in either:

For the CS games position, we’re looking for someone whose CS research really is informed by problems arising in videogames, and who would feel comfortable teaching game classes such as Introduction to Game Design and the Game Design Studio (senior capstone class), in addition to courses in their specific research area. This means that the applicant’s research is not merely applicable to games in theory (all of CS is applicable to games in theory), but is actually focused on games.

For the DM games position, we’re looking for people who have a strong computational focus in their work (software studies, know how to program and think about programming in the context of cultural production), engage in significant theoretical and design research around games, and is comfortable teaching game-centric design, theory and analysis courses.

Both positions are within the computer science department, which means, for the DM position, that the candidate will be paid on the engineering scale and teach an engineering course load (one course a quarter). The DM position has the option, after tenure, of cross-appointing with any department they wish. The Computer Science department is one of the participating departments in the graduate Digital Arts and New Media program, so there will be ample opportunities to work with digital media faculty and students.

If you have any questions about either position, don’t hesitate to email me at

2 Responses to “Join the fun at UC Santa Cruz”

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  2. michael Says:

    Those of you who care about academic jobs have probably already heard about this, but the CS games position has been upgraded to assistant or associate level. So if you’re a tenured faculty member who does CS research in games, and want to live in sunny Santa Cruz, please apply! The revised job listing is available here.

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