October 1, 2007

Values @ Play Board Game Modding Workshop

by Mary Flanagan · , 10:25 am

In our two-part Values @ Play Board game Modding Workshop at DiGRA 2007 Sept 25 and 27, Tokyo, Celia Pearce and Tracy Fullerton (representing the Ludica group), and I used the “Grow-a-Game” cards to stir up discussion on incorporating values into game design. This tool seemed to work very well in starting discussion, and will be expanded with the ongoing discussion and suggestions of those who use the cards.

Here is the group at DiGRA modding the card game “Pit.”

Here is the group at DiGRA (Jesper, Staffan, Grethe among others) modding the board game “Settlers of Catan.”

And finally, the paper “A method for discovering values in digital games” by our team explains the development of the cards at Tiltfactor and an ititial case study; this paper was given at DiGRA this year.

If you would like to help us out in values in games research, we are looking for volunteers teaching game classes to incorporate the (currently appx 4 week) curriculum into their classes. We provide the extensive curriculum guide, student survey, and readings on our web site. So far, USC, Hunter College, RIT, Georgia Tech, and UCSC are participating either right now or in the coming semester. Please drop me an email if you would like your students’ input included in this enjoyable and important research project. With the extensive packet we provide, we make the material quite simple to incorporate.

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