October 2, 2007


by Nick Montfort · , 3:34 pm

You can now download the entries in the 2007 Interactive Fiction Competition. And play them. And vote on them, at any point before November 15. There are 23 games this year for seven platforms. One of them has my favorite name of all the entries, but we’re not supposed to talk about entries during the competition, so I’ll leave it at that. Update: As pointed out below in comments, we can talk. The name that caught my eye was Deadline Enchanter.

2 Responses to “IF COMP GOTO 2007”

  1. Tablesaw Says:

    Emily Short has noted that the discussion restriction has been loosened. In fact, the rules page on the IFComp website now reads, “Judges may discuss the games during the judging period . . . .” The rest of the rule makes it clear that the rule now relates to properly dealing with spoilers when discussing games during the judging period.

    So, let loose!

  2. Grand Text Auto » Dead IF Lies Dreaming Says:

    […] and French), which are sure to make for delicious snacks if one has not been sated by the IF Comp that is currently underway. But in the Lovecraft universe … games snack on Y […]

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