October 7, 2007

Church Halo

by Mary Flanagan · , 7:44 pm

In the NYTimes today, check out Matt Richtel’s article “Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church.” He describes how ministers and pastors desperate to reach young congregants are using the video game Halo as a recruiting tool…

2 Responses to “Church Halo”

  1. josh g. Says:

    I started to type a comment, but I felt it getting really long so it ended up here instead:

  2. Chris Lewis Says:

    The problem with the article is that it takes “Christianity” as being a single entity, when we are all aware there are many many different sections of that religion (like any religion really) that have different belief systems and values.

    A large number of people describing themselves as Christians watch violent movies or play violent games. Some shoot guns, or go hunting. You can’t make blanket statements about how people interpret the Bible or follow their faith. The fact that some churches provide a place for underage kids to play a Mature game shows they are at least in touch with society, rather than so blinkered to think anyone from 12 years old upwards isn’t playing M-rated games.

    Hopefully they aren’t playing Halo 2 or 3, with their theme of the fallacy of blind religious faith…

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