October 10, 2007

The Unknown Experience AR Façade at the Beall Center

by Scott Rettberg · , 1:16 am

7 Responses to “The Unknown Experience AR Façade at the Beall Center”

  1. nick Says:

    The videographer didn’t manage to capture that while Scott was saying “comfort … comfort … kiss … push!” I was trying to help the party out by saying “magic missile! magic missile! magic missile!”

  2. mary Says:

    I’ve never seen scott so animated!

  3. andrew Says:

    That’s the cool thing about interactive drama — it brings out the improv actor in you.

    Excellent video coverage!

    I should mention (as revealed at the end of the video) that the “AR” part of “AR Facade” was created by grad students Steven Dow and Manish Mehta, advisor Blair MacIntyre, and others at GaTech, with Michael’s assistance when he was at GaTech. (The original Facade AI, game design and animation remain the same as the desktop version by me and Michael.)

    I’ll be blogging my comments about the show, including AR Facade, in an upcoming post.

  4. Chris Lewis Says:

    I’ve decided that it’s way more fun to announce my actions “hug” “kiss!” in real life.

    Announcing “comfort” with my girlfriend seemed to have the inverse effect when I forgot to take out the trash and the house smelt of garbage when we got home.

  5. noah Says:

    Nice to see The Unknown in the Game AI for Developers weekly roundup.

  6. andrew Says:

    For more literary experimentation with Facade, read Jack Kerouac meets Grace and Trip. It crashed the AI.

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