October 13, 2007

Beall Guest Book

by Beall Visitor · , 3:29 pm

One of our goals for the Grand Text Auto show at the Beall Center for Art and Technology is to create connections between the blog and the gallery. This Guest Book is one of them, which Ivan Rosero and Noah put together.

A Hewlett Packard DraftMaster II sits in the Beall gallery, right now.

HP DraftMaster II

Through precise paper control (front and back) and print head control (side to side) this printer uses a pen to write on paper. (A short video of a similar printer is available at the HP Museum.)

Next to the printer is a computer. Visitor comments left on it appear in the comments thread of this post. They are also written out — by pen, if not by hand — by the plotter in the gallery. Similarly, comments left on this page over the Internet (traditional blog comments) are also written out by the DraftMaster in the gallery.

As each comment appears, the Beall docents cut off the new length of paper from the DraftMaster — then tack it to the wall. Next time Noah is up at the Beall he’ll take a picture of that version of our (unbound) guest book and post it to GTxA.

70 Responses to “Beall Guest Book”

  1. Beall Guest Says:

    Great Show!!! I love the Joystick, and so does my daughter.


  2. Beall Guest Says:

    It’s interesting to be here — but it would be even better to have more information about these pieces.

  3. Beall Guest Says:

    I’m certainly enjoying the show!

  4. Beall Guest Says:

    i feel bad about shaking the baby. otherwise, i enjoyed the show a lot!

  5. Noah Says:

    I’m up at the gallery and it’s a pleasure to watch the public interact with the pieces.

  6. Noah Says:

    Over the course of the show it should be interesting to watch these “pen written” (but not hand written) texts fill the gallery wall space.

  7. Beall Guest Says:

    I wonder what this big thing next to me is???? It’s like an overgrown printer!!!


  8. Beall Guest Says:

    Wonderful show.

  9. Beall Guest Says:

    the words are terrifying as they fly in your face

  10. Beall Guest Says:

    what is memory… words??

  11. Grand Text Auto » More on GTxA the Show Says:

    […] the walls outside the gallery, and the wide world beyond. I also really like how the blog literally has a presence there too, with gallery visitors’ guest entries showing up h […]

  12. Beall Guest Says:

    My goodness this thing is huge!

  13. Beall Guest Says:

    Dark. Cold. Technology? A light shining in a dim room – is it a metaphor for the way technology will shape our society? Maybe the virtual and the real are blurred better when our vision cannot decide how to direct our perceptions.

  14. Beall Guest Says:

    I loved it! When poetry and technology, right and left brain combine, something believed impossible becomes possible..the result is crazy :)

  15. Beall Guest Says:

    very fun time

  16. Beall Guest Says:

    SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Beall Guest Says:

    i had to come here for a field trip for my art class. it was very nice and air conditioned compared to the hotness out side.

  18. Scott Says:

    Clearly, air conditioning and football both rule. This kind of insight gives me hope for the youth of Southern California, who appreciate both the comforts afforded us by modern technology and the importance of a strong civic spirit.

  19. Beall Guest Says:

    daniel oh sucks at atari

  20. Beall Guest Says:

    Phil Campos loves the Beall Center and CAL STATE LONG BEACH. GO BEACH!!!

  21. Beall Guest Says:

    Time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted.

  22. Beall Guest Says:

    A wise man washes his hands after he pees. A wiser man doesn’t pee on his hands.

  23. Beall Guest Says:

    That couple needs marriage counseling. AWKWARD.

  24. Beall Guest Says:

    pong high score of 4 whatwhat!!! awesome interactive technology mixed with art = a wonderful day (: there’s nothing like playing pong with a 6 foot joystick and a big red button.

  25. Beall Guest Says:

    you’re going to need a bigger boat

  26. Beall Guest Says:

    A gallery to the paradigm of technology to escape reality. We here have created art to display how the world of fantasy interacts with reality. Fantasy: the unreal. We can create lifelong obsessions with fantasy. But what is the fantasy? Is it the culmination neuronal activity, a construction of chemical changes due to electrical signals in the brain? To think of it in that way, we are no more than just an extension of the electronic video game, more electrical signals due to reactions. Or is there more? Do we have in us a want or need to escape the mundane and the cold inevitable? Alas, we reach into fantasy to remove ourselves from this world… Maybe somewhere in fantasy lies the answer to the question.

  27. Beall Guest Says:

    I had begun to forget that text is visual, viewing graphics takes great effort, effort produces a visual and visuals engender text.

  28. Beall Guest Says:

    Hello How are you?

  29. Beall Guest Says:


  30. Beall Guest Says:


  31. Beall Guest Says:


  32. Beall Guest Says:


  33. Beall Guest Says:


  34. Beall Guest Says:

    VRST 2007, woo! SPRING BREAK!!

  35. Beall Guest Says:

    testing test printer

  36. Beall Guest Says:

    if you graph any system in nature patterns emerge

  37. Beall Guest Says:

    It was better than CATS, I want to see it again and again.

  38. Beall Guest Says:

    the best exhibit I’ve ever visited. i will definitely come back soon! -Kenji CSULB

  39. Beall Guest Says:

    It is very dark in here. Dark in a good way.Not a scary way.
    Great show. I will come back on Thursday, OH thats tomorrow.

  40. Beall Guest Says:

    hello from the beall

  41. Beall Guest Says:

    Long Beach State is for losers!!

  42. Beall Guest Says:


  43. Beall Guest Says:

    Long Beach State is a joke. Especially the graphic design program!

  44. Beall Guest Says:

    Very cool exhibit. Everyone needs a life size Atari’

  45. Beall Guest Says:

    I was a total n00b before coming to Grand Text Auto!!! Now I’m just sort of a n00b…

  46. Beall Guest Says:

    i love screen, its such an interesting feeling to be surrounded by text that way

  47. Beall Guest Says:

    test printer

  48. Beall Guest Says:

    test printer

  49. Beall Guest Says:

    testing 1,2,3

  50. Beall Guest Says:

    naming calls…

  51. Beall Guest Says:


  52. Beall Guest Says:

    testing printer

  53. Beall Guest Says:

    The problem with combining experimental literature and interactive technology is that people who write experimental literature are the ones who create it. lots of intresting ideas combined in fairly borring and banally pretentious ways

  54. Beall Guest Says:


  55. Beall Guest Says:


  56. Beall Guest Says:

    12 hours is a long time on a plane. but a short time on a hot young girl of no more than 17 years

  57. Beall Guest Says:

    Very cool exhibit!!

  58. Beall Guest Says:

    i love cat moore

  59. Beall Guest Says:

    i enjoy this

  60. Beall Guest Says:

    i don’t know how to work half of this stuffs. :P

  61. Beall Guest Says:

    Red red wine

  62. Beall Guest Says:

    that is a bigggg joystick!

  63. Beall Guest Says:

    Wonderful exhibit — thank you for allowing Western high school to visit — great experience to expose the kids to.

  64. Beall Guest Says:

    Awesome! I love how interactive the art is!

  65. Beall Guest Says:

    i like this place

  66. Beall Guest Says:

    Hi guys! I read the obfuscated code paper and it made me happy.

  67. Beall Guest Says:

    a blog crashing into something is…unique….

  68. Beall Guest Says:

    hmmm……………….ok, joy stick.

  69. Beall Guest Says:

    hit me with your joy stick

  70. Beall Guest Says:


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