October 15, 2007

From Paris: International Media Poetry Contest

by Scott Rettberg · , 5:25 am

The Paris-based International Poetry Bienniale has announced a media poetry competition to be judged by luminaries in digital poetics. The prize is an expense-paid trip to the Poetry Biennale in Paris.

From Jean-Pierre Balpe
BIPVAL (Biennale Internationale des Poètes en Val-de-Marne)

For its tenth edition (May 2009), the International Poetry Biennial is
pleased to announce an International Media Poetry Contest.

Works considered “media poetry” are those that place contemporary
technologies at the service of poetry, be it within the framework of a
performance or in that of a recorded and projectable work. Among the many
forms accepted are included videopoetry, digital poetry, multimedia poetry,
sound poetry, interactive poetry, and poetic installations in physical space
or on the Internet. Works that illustrate a poem will not be considered
(these are works that use sound or images to represent or complement a poem,
for example). There are no restrictions regarding the form or content of the
media poems submitted.

Work presented shall not exceed 15 minutes and can be presented in the form
CD, DVD, or on the Internet.

Application: Candidates willing to submit their work to the International of
Media Poetry Contest shall express their intention via email before December
31st, 2007. To do so they shall write an email to:

The works submitted shall arrive at the Poetry Biennial’s office (11 rue
Ferdinand Roussel 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine France) before December 31st, 2008.
If the work is online, the Internet address shall arrive via email before
this date.

A jury made up of eleven international artists (see list below) will examine
the works and will allot the Media Poetry Prize 2009. The prize will be
given to the winner during a special ceremony to be realized during the
Poetry Biennial.

The prize winner will choose between being invited to Paris for one week
with all expenses paid during the Poetry Biennial or the equivalent amount
in cash.

Participation in the contest automatically authorizes the Biennial to
publicly exhibit submitted works. Unless otherwise specified, the copyright
of the works remains with the artists.

1. Baboni-Schilingi Iacopo
2. Beiguelman Giselle
3. Benayoun Maurice
4. Cayley John
5. Chatonsky Grégory
6. Chevalier Miguel
7. Dumond Frédéric
8. Giraudon Liliane
9. Jaffrennou Michel
10. Kac Eduardo
11. Piringer Joerg

2 Responses to “From Paris: International Media Poetry Contest”


    Personal conclusions

    the steams from the cup are going out the window
    and they howl like wolves, waking up the neighbourhood.
    some poets tremble from feelings, from cold or from their halo’s burden.
    a falsified sun is hanging on a wall o darkness.
    the emigrants are pushing the ships of dreams towards one of world’s holes.
    printed with mountains and suns
    in one of time’s imprints,
    night’s extasy hurts me.
    the world – crossing of thoughts –
    it rises all from blood and it pours, daring the joy…

    Complex of ideas

    My hands smell like wood and, as I shout for a beginning, I pull myself out of me.
    The laughter is shaking inside, it slips from head to foot and climbs…
    I’m a young old man, for I have fed myself with old age…
    That is why I have muscles so loquacious, so wise, so mild…
    I always knew that love means whisper, smile, black and white…
    So what that I wear with me this complex of ideas like marsupials wear their young?

  2. Olusegun Olotu Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know if we from Nigeria could actually participate in the 2009 world poetry competition and when the submission will close. Do let me know if you have any topic in particular you will want participant to write on and also if participation is free.

    I shall ppreciate it if my request be granted.

    Your’s sincerely,

    Olusegun Olotu

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