October 17, 2007

SuperEgo Games

by Andrew Stern · , 10:06 am

There’s a new character-driven episodic-content company on the block… SuperEgo Games, based in NYC, has announced Rat Race, “an action-comedy title set in a dysfunctional office, tasking players with just getting through the day amid a cast of difficult characters”. They’re using writing and voice talent from the TV industry in NYC, going for a sitcom-flavored game.

Our goal is to give you the feeling of ‘playing’ inside an episode of your favorite TV show. Sometimes we describe Rat Race as an interactive sitcom, but that doesn’t do it justice. There’s more to the experience than funny dialogue. Along the way you’ll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even ‘neutralize’ that lab monkey.

Read more on SuperEgo’s philosophy page. I’ll add this to the list of new interactive story projects to keep track of! (via Gamasutra)

2 Responses to “SuperEgo Games”

  1. Bashers Says:

    Click List: Jaffe, Bionic Commando en Ratchet

    David Jaffe begon onlangs zijn eigen studio. Nu heeft hij het logo van Eat Sleep Play onthuld (zie hiernaast). Het logo staat voor fizzy, refreshing fun. N’Gai Croal zette meteen ook deel 1 en deel 2 van zijn interview met…

  2. michael Says:

    I’m intrigued that their philosophy is (at least at a high level) so consonant with the design philosophy behind Facade and Procedural Arts. If their technology actually lives up to the bullet points on their technology page, it sounds like they have developed some quite deep solutions: “…dynamic conversations generated on the fly based on character actions and needs… [The listening system] Makes navigating a world in which many characters converse easy and pleasurable for the player…” I’ll be very curious to play their experience when it comes out (and yes, I confess to some skepticism).

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