November 2, 2007

Upcoming Conference Deadlines

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 9:14 am

Since our jobs thread seems to be a useful resource, perhaps it would also be good to collect some of the upcoming conference deadlines of interest to GTxA folks.

14 November (less than two weeks from now) is the deadline for ISEA 2008 submissions.

18 November (also quite close) is the deadline for Digital Humanities 2008 submissions.

30 November is the deadline for the 2008 Electronic Literature Organization conference (calls for presentations and a media art show). I’m excited to have a U.S. conference on digital literature with an open call. It’s been a while.

On a different note, I was pleased to see the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery at full strength in 2007. Now I hear they’ve completely overhauled the submission process for all areas of SIGGRAPH — putting them together into one group of General Submissions. Given the shift, it seems good to get the word out early. The general deadline is 30 January 2008. Support materials must be uploaded by 27 February 2008.