November 2, 2007

Zabaware Wins 2007 Loebner Competition

by Andrew Stern · , 12:07 pm

Robert Medeksza of Zabaware, pictured left in the Zabaware t-shirt, creator of the Ultra Hal chatterbot assistant, has won the 2007 Loebner Prize Competition, the annual Turing Test competition now in its 17th year. Past multi-year winner Rollo Carpenter is pictured in orange.

The chat logs of this year’s top three placers can be downloaded on the competition’s information page. This year, Loebner has implemented an application that plays back the chat sessions as they happened in real-time, including logs of the human judges versus both the bots and the human confederates. Very cool.

See pictures and video of the event as well, courtesy of Vladimir Veselov.