November 18, 2007

ELO Archive-It Project with the Library of Congress, Call for Participation

by Scott Rettberg · , 5:06 am

The United States Library of Congress is archiving 300 electronic literature web sites in collaboration with the ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) and To suggest sites to be included in this project, please see and note there is a FAQ linked on that page,
Electronic Literature: Collections of Works: Sites that aggregate works of electronic literature by multiple authors, such as online journals and anthologies.

Electronic Literature: Individual Works: Individual works of electronic literature and collections of works by a single author, as opposed to collections of works by multiple authors.

Electronic Literature: Context: Sites related to the critical, theoretical, and institutional contexts of electronic literature.

Criteria for submission

This style guide is meant to provide general guidelines for drafting archive-it description entries.

Contributions should be submitted directly on:

All contributions should include the title of the work and the URL where it resides. All contributions should name the entity that is primarily responsible for making the work (name of Editor, Author or other Creators). Please name the language that is used and the publisher (the entity that makes the work available; i.e. name of a person, organization or a service).

Additionally, you should provide a brief and substantial (1-3 sentence) description of the work, following these guidelines: