December 11, 2007

Flight Paths

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 8:02 am

I push the loaded trolley across the car park, battling to keep its wonky wheels on track. I pop open the boot of my car and then for some reason, I have no idea why, I look up, into the clear blue autumnal sky. And I see him. It takes me a long moment to figure out what I am looking at. He is falling from the sky. A dark mass, growing larger quickly. I let go of the trolley and am dimly aware that it is getting away from me but I can’t move, I am stuck there in the middle of the supermarket car park, watching, as he hurtles toward the earth.

I’m interested to see, via if:book, that Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph are using CommentPress for a fiction experiment. At the same time, I find myself somewhat disturbed to see them both inviting community contributions of text, images, sound, etc — and also talking about charging for content. Both are experiments, in the world of online fiction, but not ones that seem to go together well.