February 25, 2008

In Hypertextopia did Web 2.0 a stately pleasure dome …

by Nick Montfort · , 7:05 pm

A radical rehypertextualization of the Web appears with hints of Storyspace maps and multi-colored links of various sorts: Hypertextopia. There’s a library of marked-up work ready for your perusal and even a tray of wacky textual tools. (Via qumbler.)

2 Responses to “In Hypertextopia did Web 2.0 a stately pleasure dome …”

  1. susan Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out–I’ve joined up and am experimenting with writing into it right now. I can see some shortfalls but it sure does look a lot slicker than a lot of what’s out there. I’ll be posting on it as I go.

  2. Grand Text Auto » Link Madness, Part 1: the Hyperbolic Says:

    […] Ben Vershbow made in a post that leads with a commentary on Hypertextopia (spawned from an earlier GTxA post). I’ve certainly been one to vent my issues with hypertext as a form for fiction, but […]

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