March 9, 2008

The Color of Radio…

by Nick Montfort · , 8:05 pm

Tuned to a dead channel: Voices from the Paradise Network by John Hudak with flash programming by

Voices from Paradise

In my first recording experiment, I recorded a net broadcast from a friend in France, who provided me with a silent digital signal. This produced a completely silent recording. … After some research, it seemed that the voices required some background noise in order to take shape. The net broadcast transmitted a signal of white noise, that I digitally recorded. While recording the broadcast from France, I asked questions of whomever might be listening and recorded them separately into another recorder with an open-air microphone. I took the white noise broadcast recordings, slowed them down (as the voices are said to be in the higher registers), and filtered out the lower frequencies.

Voices from the Paradise Network is a 2007 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., for Networked_Music_Review.

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