March 13, 2008

Journal Issues Galore

by Nick Montfort · , 12:18 pm

Three new issues of grand, textual, and sometimes automatic writing of different sorts are out. Creative digital writing can be found in the new issue of New River Journal, which includes:

Critical and theoretical writing about video games can be found in the new issue of Game Studies, which is not from December 2006 – the date display seems to be glitching. It offers:

And similar fare is served up in volume 2, no 1 of eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture, which includes, along with a position paper, perspectives, and two reviews:

3 Responses to “Journal Issues Galore”

  1. Mark Says:

    A new issue of Game Studies?! That’s one of the seven signs of the apocalypse, right? The Archive section of the site labels it as having come out 7 months ago (August 2007), oddly.

  2. nick Says:

    I wasn’t sure what dates to believe, but I don’t think I announced that issue of Game Studies on here before, so hey. If you like, by the way, you can view future issues of Game Studies by typing URLs such as “” – that one gives you volume 9 issue 99, as you can clearly see in the upper right.

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh I didn’t mean to imply that you missed it or something. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t actually been out since August 2007 (or at least it hasn’t been accessible from the main page until recently).

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