March 19, 2008

EP Meta: Chapter Eight

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 6:29 am

At this point, with chapter eight concluded, we have nearly reached the end of the version of Expressive Processing sent out for anonymous peer review by MIT Press. So now is the time for me to ask for what Ian Bogost, and others, have identified as a real challenge for this blog-based review form: Are there any broad thoughts on the overall project?

So far I’ve been very impressed by the quality of the comments on individual entries. Though there are still some to which I have yet to respond, I’ve carefully read and considered all of them. But the comments, almost universally, have been about the contents of one or two sections. So I’m wondering, before I sit down to think through a comparison between the results of these two forms of review, if there are broader thoughts out there among blog readers that should be part of what I consider.

Beyond that, there’s still more to come in the blog-based version of the EP project. I hope to announce some of it tomorrow. (And, in the meantime, Jeff Young has a nicely-framed update on the Chronicle‘s Wired Campus blog.)