March 21, 2008

EP Meta: Milestones

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 6:02 am

This week we’ve passed two important milestones in the Expressive Processing project. First, the blog-based review has now covered most of the material included in the blind, press-solicited review — and some useful overall impressions have been collected from participants in the blog-based review. Second, MIT Press has sent me the blind reviews. To mark these milestones, Doug Ramsey from UCSD has put together a news release (including video).

Now, looking forward from here, three things have been set in motion. First, I’m comparing results from the two forms of peer review. Second, I’m planning my revisions. Third, I’m figuring out the next steps in this blog-based process.

As I suggested in last week’s meta-post, I’d rather not include the two dangling, early-draft sections of the “Playable Language” chapter (sent to MIT Press reviewers) in the blog-based review. Instead, here is my new proposal. I plan to complete a revised version of the chapter as part of my manuscript work. Then, before the final manuscript goes to the press, I plan to post “Playable Language” here for a sort of “bonus round” of blog-based reviewing.

I’m also planning to keep reading and responding to comments for at least the next couple of weeks, on all parts of the manuscript. I’m pleased to see people still commenting on the earliest sections (as Mark Marino did recently). I’m also hoping to pick up some of the conversation left dangling in chapter six.

In addition, I want to share with blog readers the results of my comparison between the two forms of review. More on that as it proceeds.

Finally, my sincere thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Your generosity with your time and ideas inspires me to feel optimistic about the future of digital media creation and interpretation.