April 1, 2008


by Nick Montfort · , 2:00 pm

(Update: April Foolery!) The official Website for the movie Superbad (IMDB) seems to have been hacked or something. The promotional content has been replaced with incomprehensible junk that seems to serve no commercial purpose.

Unless … a Superbad video game or similar spinoff is nearing launch, and this update signals the beginning of a new alternative realty game to promote that product.

7 Responses to “Superstrange”

  1. Sam Combs Says:

    Apparently this is just someone’s art project that’s been around since 1997, according to Wikipedia.

  2. dan visel Says:

    Are you sure that’s the official website? A whois suggests it’s been privately held since 1997:

    Benjamin, Ben
    1104 North Avenue 57
    Los Angeles, CA 90042

    Domain Name: SUPERBAD.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Benjamin, Ben myboom@SUPERBAD.COM
    537 N GARDNER ST
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110-2838
    +81 742-52-0688 fax: 999 999 9999

    Technical Contact:
    Simitzis, Steve steve@SATURN5.COM
    4104 24TH ST # 577
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114-3615
    415-282-9979 fax: 123 123 1234

    Record expires on 05-Feb-2009.
    Record created on 04-Feb-1997.
    Database last updated on 1-Apr-2008 18:11:32 EDT.

    Domain servers in listed order:


  3. Scott Says:

    Net hacktivism has gone too far. Lay off, Mary!

  4. Chris Lewis Says:

    I’m afraid you’ll find Superbad’s URL was http://areyousuperbad.com , or http://superbadmovie.com (which redirects to the former).

    Sorry Nick, no conspiracy here :)

  5. Garrison Benson Says:

    It might just be some bizarre April Fools’ Day joke.

  6. nick Says:

    Oops. I may have madea mistake.

  7. rajbot Says:

    and … LAWL.

    the best april fools jokes seem to always give the fool a chance to show how smart they are.

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