April 10, 2008

Sweets Digits are Made of This

by Nick Montfort · , 5:31 am

I suppose “digital materiality” (among other things, the topic that Matthew Kirschenbaum treated so well in his recent Mechanisms) is no longer widely considered an oxymoron. A scholarship is being offered this year along library and information science lines for PhD study of “Digital Materiality and the Management of Cultural Heritage Collections.” Follow the link for contact information:

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ) is offering a once-off Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Research Scholarship for a PhD in Digital Materiality.

We are particularly interested in international students, those working/studying in the cultural heritage sector and those who are keen about reflecting on the philosophy and theory of the materiality of digital artifacts. The description is intentionally wide in order to accommodate a good range of potential candidates.

One Response to “Sweets Digits are Made of This”

  1. Chris Lewis Says:

    I’m just finishing up a two year stint at Victoria University of Wellington as a staff member. I didn’t work in the School of Information Management, so can’t comment on the position itself, but I think many people will fall in love with Wellington. I think there are more coffee shops here per capita than Seattle!

    It would be a fine place to complete a PhD.

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