April 26, 2008

We LOLed

by Nick Montfort · , 6:00 pm

For one thing, I have to note that interactive fiction must be resurgent. There’s a vodka ad placed in a few Cambridge, Massachusetts bus stops that refers to text adventures pretty directly.

An ad

Beyond that, ROFLCon has been taking place these past two days on the waxed floors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Among the many microcelebrities and meme creators who convered for the con were Stephen Granade (an interactive fiction guy, among other things) speaking about LOLTrek, Jason Scott (currently working on the Get Lamp interactive fiction documentary) speaking about precursors to Internet memes and diction, and Kevin Driscoll on dance crazes and Soulja Boy – see the longer list of attendees/speakers, too. Last night there was a great gig at the Middle East featuring Lemon Demon, Leslie Hall, and an inspired performance by Trocadero, who provided the soundtrack to Red vs. Blue and played a nice cover of “Still Alive.” The “really short summaries” of talks on the ROFLCon site will be supplemented soon with full video coverage. Congrats to Tim Hwang, Christina Xu, and the rest of the team for bringing it all together.

One Response to “We LOLed”

  1. Kevin Says:

    So glad you were able to catch the dance craze talk! Video is forthcoming. I wonder if we could put together a series of talks in a similar vein to Jason’s about the roots of today’s geek/net cultures. Watching the demoscene video the other day in class got the wheels turning on this as well.

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