May 23, 2008

The Expressive Processing Review Discussion at HASTAC II

by Nick Montfort · , 10:03 am

Noah just spoke at HASTAC II (Irvine, CA) about the process of reviewing Expressive Processing here on Grand Text Auto. Noah has of course written about this review process here on the blog. I don’t intend to thoroughly blog HASTAC II; anyway, it would make little sense to recapitulate Noah’s presentation here, since we know about the process first-hand and via his writing about it on here. But here’s a quick paraphrase of the Q&A:

Q: How did the press react? Do they think this will work in other fields? What will happen with this model?
A: Acknowledgment that it was a good investment of time for me, but only those who are really interested will do it in the future.

Q: Is this site still up and running?
A: Yes. (Otherwise, how would I be typing this? But the person asking the question had trouble finding the chapters themselves. Here’s section 1.1.)

Not much time for discussion in the lightning talk format, but I’ll invite additional questions from HASTAC II attendees here.

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