June 9, 2008

Grand (Text Auto) Convergence

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 1:01 pm

I’m pleased to announce that soon, for the first time, two of GTxA’s bloggers will be at the same institution. This summer I’ll be joining Michael in the Computer Science department at UC Santa Cruz!

Like Michael, I was recruited by a search committee headed by regular GTxA commenter Jim Whitehead — who was also the mastermind behind the UC system’s first computer game degree. As UCSC grows in this area, we’re looking forward to developing research relationships with other labs, groups, and companies, both in the SF Bay Area and beyond.

Students who’d like to work with us have three options: the previously-mentioned undergraduate degree, the Computer Science department’s graduate program, and the interdisciplinary Digital Arts and New Media MFA program (which also features such luminaries as Warren Sack, Sharon Daniel, and Margaret Morse). Part of what impressed me when visiting UCSC is how effectively they were already bringing together students from different backgrounds, pursuing different types of degrees, in an ongoing interdisciplinary conversation. I’m hoping to help expand and strengthen that.

Finally, I’m also not the only new hire in games and digital media at UCSC — but I’ll let Michael say more about that.