June 11, 2008

Story to be Workshopped at SRMC08

by Nick Montfort · , 8:48 pm

2nd ACM Workshop on Story Representation, Mechanism and Context – SRMC08

October 31, 2008, in conjunction with ACM MM 2008 Vancouver, BC, Canada

… In the workshop we will investigate the application and practice of story to multimedia story creation, artificial intelligence and social networks. This workshop would be of interest to those investigating traditional multimedia research involving search and retrieval, content analysis, media summarization and semantics, as well as those researchers developing new forms of story expression, narrative based interface design and user-generated story-sharing platforms. Recent advances in artificial intelligence, knowledge representations, social networks, and technologies for interactive systems point to a reemergence of story models as useful tools for multimedia research. Mechanisms for navigating these representations and constructing and sharing stories from them provide new directions for multimedia, networks and human interface design. Building story systems that are aware of narrative contexts, social dynamics and cultural relevance offers the potential for computer assisted generation, sharing and understanding of stories that are purposefully connected to the lives and experiences of an active audience …

See the Web page and CFP for full details.

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