July 16, 2008

Business Casual

by Andrew Stern · , 11:42 pm

I haven’t posted for the past few months, a big reason being that I’ve been consumed by starting up a new game production studio in my home town of Portland. In May I founded Stumptown Game Machine, a sister company to Procedural Arts. SGM’s first project is to build a substantial collection of web-based 3D casual games for a major reality-television show, to go live in the fall with the new TV season.

This all came about because a producer friend of mine in town needed to build these games in a short amount of time, and asked if I could put together a team to do it. Within a few weeks and with some seed money, I opened an office in a really sweet building, hired several local coders and artists, and began production. Instant company!

The proceeds of my efforts at SGM will help fund my Procedural Arts work, and serve as additional human resources for it as well. I plan to peel back from SGM in a few months to get back to working on my primary development goals, building commercial interactive comedies and dramas, an effort I’ve spent a great deal of time on since Fa├žade launched three years ago now (!).

When SGM’s games launch this fall, I’ll post about them. This does mean a further delay in getting those Procedural Arts products done, but it brings in some helpful funding for them.

4 Responses to “Business Casual”

  1. Mary Flanagan Says:

    Hey Andrew, congrats on the new initiative! I have many friends and former Oregon student who would make excellent collaborators on your stump. Let me know if you wish to connect. The students and faculty at UO were awesome!

  2. Noah Wardrip-Fruin Says:

    Yes — many congratulations!

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