July 17, 2008

IGDA in NY state: A Call for Action

by Mary Flanagan · , 6:47 pm

There is apparently “anti-video game legislation” happening in New York state. Check out the letter from our own J.D.R. to NY developers, and if you are a New Yorker, decide to help if you can.

” Dear IGDA member/user,

Unfortunately, the anti-video game bill “S 6401 A/A 11717″ has passed both the House and Assembly and is now in the hands of Governor Paterson. We need your help to stop this bill from taking effect (see below).

Discussion and details on this bill are available at:





NY is an emerging cluster for game development, as recently profiled by the Center for an Urban Future (specifically noting the lack of government support). FYI:



Will the Governor send a signal to help NY game developers by vetoing this bill? Or, will he hinder the state’s potential?

Please take action now and send a letter asking him to veto the anti-video game bill. Grab the sample letter (feel free to tweak to your liking):


Then fax it to (or mail directly to the Governor):

Mr. Timothy B. Lennon
Assistant Counsel
Fax Number: 518-486-9693

This bill would waste NY residents’ hard earned tax dollars, and would set problematic precedents and constitutional challenges that may bite us down the road. We have much higher priorities for our resources and dollars than this kind of crusade.

Thanks for your help.”

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