July 17, 2008

Second Person a Diana Jones Award Finalist

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 4:24 pm
Diana Jones Award: For Excellence in Gaming

I’m honored to announce that Second Person is a finalist for the Diana Jones Award! Pat and I are very pleased to be in such great company, ranging from a major RPG (Grey Ranks) to an innovative festival (Come Out and Play), a worthy charity (Child’s Play), a popular podcast (Canon Puncture), and an innovative publishing model (Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design). We’re also impressed to have our book characterized as a “necessary, seminal volume” in the statement on the nominees.

Finally, it’s great to have an interdisciplinary project like Second Person recognized by different audiences. Earlier this year we were finalists for the Front Line Awards and semi-finalists for the Origins Awards. The Diana Jones award will be given August 13th.

In further developments, much more of Second Person is appearing online at ebr. More on that before too long.

2 Responses to “Second Person a Diana Jones Award Finalist”

  1. Chris Perrin Says:

    Good luck!! We talk about your book at little on our Diana Jones award show, but I was hoping afterwards we could sit down and chat about gaming over beers. I am going to order a copy before the con, it sounds amazing.

  2. Noah Wardrip-Fruin Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. Good luck to you!

    Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make it to the ceremony — but I hope we get a chance for a chat over drinks before long.

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