August 1, 2008

Foundations of Digital Games Getting Ready to Ship

by Nick Montfort · , 6:55 am

FDG 2009 Logo FDG ’09, the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games is a focal point for academic efforts in all areas of research involving computer and console games, game technologies, game play and game design. Previously known as the Conference on Game Development and Computer Science Education (GDCSE), this year’s conference broadens its scope to cover the breadth of game research and education. The conference is targeted at researchers making contributions that promote new game capabilities, designs, applications and modes of play.

The conference is sponsored by Microsoft Research, will take place on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, and will feature Starbucks coffee exclusively. Actually I’m not sure about that last one, but since it’s de rigueur these days … The other two are, indeed, true. The conference ship departs from Port Canaveral, Florida and the event runs April 26-30, 2009. The deadline for papers is this December 19. There’s plenty of information up at the site, including a full call for papers. (Revised Nov 15.)

6 Responses to “Foundations of Digital Games Getting Ready to Ship”

  1. Jim Whitehead Says:

    Thank you for the post, Nick!

    Our intent is to create a broadly focused, top-tier academic research conference for computer games. The call for papers has six theme areas, and each has dedicated theme chairs who are subject matter experts. Theme areas and chairs are:

    * Artificial Intelligence (Simon Lucas, Michael Mateas)
    * Computer Science and Games Education (Tiffany Barnes, Mike Zyda)
    * Databases (Johannes Gerhke)
    * Game Studies | Game Design (T.L. Taylor)
    * Graphics and Interfaces (Steve Feiner)
    * Networks and Security (Wu-Cheng Feng)

    We also encourage submissions in the area of games that may not neatly fit these topics, and we have a “program at large” committee as well to handle these submissions.

    As I recall, Starbucks isn’t on the boat, but they do have an espresso bar. I was pretty skeptical my first time on the Disney Wonder, but I had a really wonderful time. The facilities on the ship are first-rate, and the Animator’s Palette dining room has a neat light show. The theme bars are really well done, and the ship has a very tasteful adult-only pool area. It’s also by far the most kid-friendly cruise ship. I also enjoyed the “Disney Island” — where else can you sail a small catamaran next to the ship prop from Pirates of the Caribbean?

  2. Nick Montfort Says:

    Jim, thanks for adding the details about the six theme areas. As an “at large” program committee member I didn’t think to highlight them, but they show how the conference is expanding its scope, which I think is a very good move. And, I also heard several good things – and only good things – about the conference from attendees last year.

  3. Mark Nelson Says:

    Although I hope to submit something to the conference, and am happy it looks like a top-tier general game-research conference is finally shaping up, I fear what the GNU Party Committee will say upon my next review should I be found to have attended a conference affiliated with both Microsoft (who are Microsoft) and Disney (who are largely responsible for the 1998 Copyright Term Extension Act).

  4. Malcolm Ryan Says:

    The Nerd Boat sails again. All aboard!

  5. Chris Lewis Says:


    I have no morals when it comes to cruises. I will happily save you from yourself and present your paper for you.

    It will give you extra time to continue growing your Richard Stallman beard :)

  6. Nick Montfort Says:

    Just wanted to note that there are a few revisions to the FDG CFP – for instance, adding the names of confirmed keynote speakers. The deadline is still December 19.

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