August 6, 2008

the annual jobs post 2008-2009

by Mary Flanagan · , 8:47 pm

Like holiday decorations in your favorite retail outlet, faculty positions are being announced earlier and earlier every year!! Looking back on 2007’s post by Noah on available spots in the digital arts and humanities, game studies, and other positions related to those who might read (and post on) this blog, and seeing what a valuable asset to the community such postings are, I thought I’d start a “2008-2009” academic application year by beginning with an opening at Dartmouth College in Music.

The folks in music are highly interdisciplinary and the department has a rich history. Larry Polansky was a student of Jim Tenney’s and is both an archivist and participant involved in Fluxus. He is one of the three co-authors (with Phil Burk and David Rosenboom) of the widely used computer music language HMSL, and his other software includes helping to implement his spectral mutation functions in the popular computer music application Soundhack, authored by Tom Erbe. He also directs
the composer’s collective Frog Peak Music and was the founding guest editor of the Leonardo Music Journal. His colleague, Michael Casey, recently came to Dartmouth from Goldsmith’s. He investigates large-scale music indexing, new media, and real time music systems. Colleague Ted Levin teaches ethnomusicology, world music, sacred music in East and West, and an interdisciplinary course on the Silk Road. There’s more…this is an innovative department to be reckoned with!

I’m told the position is ideal for self-directed scholar/artists with a background in music and a vision for how music might meet and transform with contemporary culture, language, the arts, and sciences…

Assistant Professor of Music, tenure-track, beginning fall 2009
Dartmouth College
Dartmouth’s Music Dept. seeks an outstanding faculty member committed to innovative teaching in an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum that integrates composition, performance, theory, history, world music, and jazz studies. Teaching assignments will also include graduate seminars in Dartmouth’s M.A. program in Digital Musics. Ph.D., D.M.A., or equivalent professional qualifications. Teaching experience at the college or university level desirable. Send letter of application and CV to:

Search Committee
Dept. of Music
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Evaluation of applications begins October 1.