September 30, 2008

A New Issue of Eludamos

by Nick Montfort · , 10:11 pm

Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture is one of at least three open-access journals (without page fees) that cover digital media and computer gaming. (DHQ and Game Studies are the others that I know of.) Volume 2, number 2 is just now out. Support freedom! Read and write for unchained periodicals such as this one, flowing freely with scholarly output as they are!

2 Responses to “A New Issue of Eludamos

  1. Joe Sabatini Says:

    Dr. Montfort, I applaud your efforts to keep scholarly work in digital media available. I will be bringing this up today in a presentation I’m giving on academic writing in one of my classes. The more people push this heavy sled, the farther it will go.

  2. Dominic Says:

    There’s also Loading…, the journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association ( And now, I take off to the free lands of Eludamos.

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