October 7, 2008

Tiltfactor part of Microsoft Games and Learning Initiative

by Mary Flanagan · , 4:28 pm

Announced today, the The Games for Learning Institute (G4LI) is a joint research endeavor of Microsoft Research, New York University and a consortium of universities, including Dartmouth College. Tiltfactor will be home to the 3 year research initiative at Dartmouth, where researchers will be evaluating computer games as learning tools. We will be specifically focusing on math and science subjects among middle-school students. The Tiltfactor laboratory anticipates a limited number of student positions in relationship to this research, so please contact us for more information!

6 Responses to “Tiltfactor part of Microsoft Games and Learning Initiative”

  1. Nick Montfort Says:

    Mary, congrats on this new, major project! I hope the work on it and the connections to other researchers prove very productive.

  2. Jim Whitehead Says:

    My congratulations as well!

    This is a bold investment in the use of games for education, and I’m looking forward to carefully studying the results, and learning from your experience.

  3. mary Says:

    thanks all. I’m looking forward to doing some interesting takes on this charge, to make sure lesser-known works or games popular with untraditional audiences are highlighted in this study.

  4. Joel Says:

    Sounds really cool. I used to work for the company Rosetta Stone, who develops language learning software, and their software uses some mild gaming influences (mostly logic and puzzle games) in order teach a user a new language. Of course they haven’t taken it too far, but it is a decent example.

  5. Values At Play » Blog Archive » Tiltfactor part of Microsoft Games and Learning Initiative Says:

    […] is under construction, needing just a few last touch-ups before full launch. But the news about Tiltfactor part of Microsoft Games and Learning Initiative is already creating a bold vision and puts the organization into the focus of a 3-year research […]

  6. mary Says:

    Joel, maybe we should chat with you about your experiences. We’re culling info from an array of designers, artists, educators, teachers. Ping me if you are interested!

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