November 25, 2008

FDG Doctoral Doctoral Consortium and Student Scholarships

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 12:26 pm

The 2009 Foundations of Digital Games conference is now accepting applications for two student-oriented programs. For PhD students there is a Doctoral Consortium, chaired by Ian Horswill, with applications due December 19th. For advanced undergraduate and Masters students there is a Student Scholarships program, chaired by yours truly, with a deadline of December 20th. Both provide ways for students to attend FDG free of charge, get additional feedback about their work, and make valuable connections. Please encourage students you know to apply!

4 Responses to “FDG Doctoral Doctoral Consortium and Student Scholarships”

  1. Jill Walker Rettberg Says:

    Isn’t that the conference that’s on a Disney cruise ship for chrissakes and you have to bring not only your best formal wear for the formal dinner but also your best Caribbean/Pirate outfit for the Caribbean/Pirate theme dinner? I hadn’t realised Disney ran academic conferences now.

  2. Ian Bogost Says:

    The Disney cruise ship has low formality standards, alas. Pirate wear, however, is required, or else, … well, you know.

  3. Bart Simon Says:

    yes but how is the food? Are we talking typical cruise ship fare here… not that I’ve ever had cruise ship fare but I shudder to think about it.

    hmm, not sure if I have pirate gear but I do have a really old and ratty mickey mouse hat.

  4. Ian Bogost Says:

    The Disney food isn’t as chi-chi as your average cruise ship, but it was better than the food on the Celebrity last year, which is by all measures supposed to be a more “luxe” experience.

    We had no trouble enjoying ourselves :)

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