December 5, 2008

Des Imagistes, first Web edition

by Nick Montfort · , 10:22 am

The students in my Comparative Media Studies Workshop have just shared their Web edition of the first anthology of Imagist poetry, edited by Ezra Pound and published in 1914. Des Imagistes was not (as far as I could determine) previously available online, isn’t in print, and is not even very easily found in libraries. We don’t have a copy of it here at MIT, for instance.

The Web unit in our workshop is, I think, very necessary, but is probably the most 1.0 and boring of the things we do, which include writing creative programs in Processing and making music videos. At its best, though, it can be the opportunity to learn about general issues and methods in editorial and production as well as the specifics of Internet and Web technologies. I think this group certainly made the best of it.

7 Responses to “Des Imagistes, first Web edition”

  1. Jim Says:

    This is one beautiful piece of work. A justly famous avant garde work, hugely influential, now virtually (un)attainable. Hope it gets picked up by artists, critics, and general readers. =j=

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  3. Lori Emerson Says:

    Wow–this is not only going to be a fantastic resource for the classes I’m teaching on modernist poetry, but it’s a fantastic model for class projects. Very impressive!

  4. Mark J. Nelson Says:

    When I run across this work mentioned, I can’t help but chuckling at the mixture of ire and embarrassment with which primary anthology contributor Richard Aldington mentioned its title in his later works—he liked the anthologizing of the imagists, but disliked the “ridiculous ensign” under which their first published work appeared. He even suggests that Pound might not have actually known what the phrase meant in French, or that it was ungrammatical, but chose it since he “liked foreign titles”.

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