January 16, 2009

AAAI Access Opens Up

by Nick Montfort · , 6:32 pm

All AAAI conference proceedings are now available to the public at no cost. This is the first step in the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) initiative to make all the content in its digital library freely available. Yay!

4 Responses to “AAAI Access Opens Up”

  1. Wissenschaftliche Artikel der AAAI jetzt kostenlos im Netz « Kreativrauschen Says:

    […] (via Grand Text Auto) […]

  2. aash29 Says:

    I think it still says “members only”, only abstracts are avaiable to public

  3. aash29 Says:

    My bad, link to the full text is the title in popup window

  4. AAAI Opens Up Library, Dangerous White Papers from AIIDE Escape! — AiGameDev.com Says:

    […] Monfort from Grand Text Auto noticed this happen and blogged about […]

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