January 26, 2009

Three Lists of Game Stuff

by Nick Montfort · , 3:26 pm

Namely, a list of just-published Game Studies articles, of free 3D game download links, and of IF that has been reviewed and is available for play on the Web.

Game Studies 8:2 has been published, with articles on audio, torture, and game mechanics and ones that look at games from pedagogical and McLuhanesque perspectives.

Two intriguing free 3D games are Gravity Bone (currently the top item on that page) and Reflect. They are both for Windows only, and they illustrate the right and wrong way to document to the user that they only run on that operating system.

Jay is Games has been pimping interactive fiction now and then. For those who fear downloading interpreters, the site has been making games available for play on the Web. So, if you’re looking for places where people can get hooked on the crack of interactive fiction, this is another one. I’ll just link to their list of IF.

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