January 27, 2009

Interactive Fiction Goes to Market

by Nick Montfort · , 5:14 am

Textfyre, headed by David Cornelson, is planning to market three games in coming months, each the first of a new series:

Cornelson has a blog about Textfyre. His latest entry discusses how the ESRB ratings of Everyone or Everyone 10+ with Mild Violent References, which Textfyre was originally seeking for all of its games, wouldn’t allow for the meaningful reading (e.g. The Catcher in the Rye) that Cornelson and many other were doing in middle school. So, the company will be enlarging the scope of its publications.

Josemanuel, who has been developing a new IF system called Gesaku, has his own thoughts about commercial IF. In a post today, he argues for individual authorship (not corporate development) and a physical IF device, a la Kindle. Now, I must point out that a hardware interactive fiction device has already been released, but perhaps in this new era of wirelessness, there’s room for something else in the market.