January 30, 2009

The New River Issues Again

by Nick Montfort · , 3:16 pm

The New RIver, Fall 2008

There’s a new issue of The New River: A Journal of Digital Writing & Art just out. It includes works by Andy Campbell, Jason Nelson & David Heckman, Angela Ferraiolo, Michael Maguire, and your own Nick Montfort. My (completely non-computational) piece is called “Ten Mobile Texts.” In introducing the issue, Nick Kocz and Manisha Sharma respond to Andrew Gallix’s essay on e-literature, in which he wonders if the form is dead, or just “one big anti-climax.” (I offered my own brief reply here, and the essay was further discussed in comments by several people, including Gallix.) Needless to say, those who put together this issue found the rumors (or oblique suggestions) of e-lit’s death to be quite exaggerated. In addition to effectively quoting Robert Coover’s keynote address at Scott’s September conference, they offer this data point: “we received more submissions for this New River Journal issue than any previous issue.”

3 Responses to “The New River Issues Again”

  1. Angela Ferraiolo Says:

    Hi Nick,
    It’s nice to be published alongside you after admiring your work for so long.
    Nice work on “Ten Mobile Texts”.

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