February 2, 2009

…click… “I got you babe…”

by Andrew Stern · , 7:27 am

Today being Groundhog Day, in the spirit of the most excellent movie, I will recycle three past Groundhog Day-related blog posts.

Again, Again
Groundhog Day and IF (again)
Let’s do it again

2 Responses to “…click… “I got you babe…””

  1. Andrew Stern Says:

    Click here to sing along to the music

  2. Malcolm Ryan Says:

    Unfortunately several of your links in the earlier posts no longer work.

    I was reflecting recently on the aesthetic value of being able to save and restore in games. It gives you an ability to explore counterfactual situations and voluntarily do what Bill Murray is forced to do in Groundhog Day, taking different approaches to a problem until you get it right. The curiosity to know how things might have been is a strongly human trait. I think it is interesting that games let us explore this.

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