February 3, 2009

An Xbox Gem from MIT

by Nick Montfort · , 8:31 pm

Carneyvale's Slinky in flightI’ve been wanting to take a moment to mention a game that I’ve found fun, wacky, and interesting, one that offers an innovative play feeling – and one which recently received a glowing review from GameCritics.com. (It’s been praised elsewhere; for instance, on Destructoid.) The game in question is CarneyVale Showtime, available since late December for the Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Community Games. In this “vertical ragdoll platform game,” you grip, release, and inflect a whirling clown, Slinky, who is flung through balloon-laden spaces. This game was an IGF finalist and won first place in the 2008 Dream-Build-Play Challenge. And, CarneyVale Showtime was developed right here at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. Go go GAMBIT game!

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