February 14, 2009

The Unadvertising Agent

by Nick Montfort · , 6:10 pm

Add-Art Firefox Plugin Add-Art is a Firefox plugin that replaces online advertising with art. (Thanks for the tip, Gunther.) We like it. See what it does, if you’re interested, and feel free to download and install it.

Ask Metafilter, ads wiped, art added

The New York Times, ads wiped, art added

Penny Arcade, ads wiped, art added

4 Responses to “The Unadvertising Agent”

  1. Nick Montfort Says:

    By the way, I loved this concept and I also love actually having the plugin installed and on.

  2. VoxDei Says:

    Neat, but what if this is the end of free high-quality content on the web as we know it? Not that the Internet advertisement busines is thriving at the moment, but these kinds of plug-ins surely can’t help….

  3. Nick Montfort Says:

    They answer this one pretty well in the FAQ. Plus, in the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Web after it has been destroyed by art, you will still be able to read ad-free sites such as Grand Text Auto.

  4. Joanna Bryson Says:

    My grandfather used to turn down the sound during advertisements, but he always said how *his* father said you should listen to them, because they were put there by the people who were paying to bring you the game (my grandparents only watched TV for sports.) If you’ve been one of the people who’s done some paying maybe you have more sympathy for that perspective. Actually, I had sympathy for that even when I was little.

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