March 5, 2009

ebr‘s Ebullience

by Nick Montfort · , 4:09 pm

Threading through ebr (Electronic Book Review) in recent months are two longer pieces, “Electronic Literature: Where Is It?” by Dene Grigar and a mega-review called “Locating the Literary in New Media,” by Joe Tabbi. Also, note the response to Second Person and review of Half Life (the novel by Shelley Jackson, not the game) that are up.

2 Responses to “ebr‘s Ebullience”

  1. lisa Says:

    I love EBR but it’s so frustrating that they have no RSS/Atom syndication, no good way to alert readers to new posts, etc. the site is designed brilliantly but usability, info flow etc need a lot of work… just reveling in the magic of the hyperlink isn’t enough– there’s a whole suite of affordances that are being overlooked there…

    anyway. my two cents.

    (and oh yeah the articles and responses are definitely worth a read)

  2. William Patrick Wend Says:

    Completely agree about the lack of an RSS feed. I remember when the redesign was previewed at ELO 07 thinking it was very nice, but where was the feed? The content is SO GOOD 9.9/10 times that I want to see it as soon as possible. I have a item scheduled on my calender monthly to check it out, but an RSS feed would be a lot easier.

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