March 13, 2009

Works in a Row

by Nick Montfort · , 8:33 am

Works, Nick Montfort

In preparing for my reading at MIT yesterday, I put together a page listing my various works of literary and computational art, collaborative, translated or adapted, and individually created. You should notice the new addition to the main page of if you happen to visit.

The list includes some new pieces: Taroko Gorge, a poetry generator written originally in Python, presented here in my port to JavaScript, and ppg256-2, the second of my 256-character poetry generators written in Perl. You can see the former running on its Web page; the latter can be copied and pasted onto the command line of systems with Perl installed (that’s Mac OS X and Linux, by default) or consult the full instructions.

I’ve also put up eight large PNG images documenting, a site Josh Kellar and I contrived with the help of the U.S. government back in 2003. The project was of a particular historical moment, which is our excuse for letting our domain registration lapse so that a cybersquatter could acquire the domain.

If you’re just interested in ppg256-2, here it is:

perl -le 'sub p{split/,/,pop;$_[rand@_]}{$_=p("sw,-aw,&w,saw".", "x$l);s//p("aw,w")/e;s// /g;$_="\n\nthe s\n"if!$l;s/s/ws/;s/a/p("a,the,to,of")/e;s/w/p("b,ch,f,gr,k,p,sh,s,sk,sp,tw")."i".p("ll,n,t")/eg;s/(b|p|f)i/$1.p("a,i")/e;print;$l=0if$l++>6+rand 9;sleep 1;redo}'